December 28, 2020


Calendula comes from the daisy family often known as marigolds. The Latin meaning is "little calendar", "little clock" and the marigold often refers to the Virgin Mary. Romans would wear golden calendula crowns and garlands; they nicknamed the flowers "Mary's Gold" referring to the flowers used in early Catholic events in some countries.  Calendula are sacred flowers in India and have been used to decorate the statues of Hindu deities since early times. One 16th century, potion containing calendula claimed to reveal fairies.  We have no knowledge of these events personally, but found the folklore fascinating!   The version commonly used in skin care today and what we use in Yummy Life and Pepper Hill products is Calendula Officinalis.


Back in 2008, our family was blessed with twins!  We hit the baby lottery. Born about five and a half weeks early, we had a short stint in the NICU.  Our son, baby B, went home at 5 days old with a little Bilirubin light due to slight jaundice: he was adorable and looked like a little glow worm.  After a few days he was good to go!  Our daughter, baby A, went home at 10 days old.  We noticed redness on her face and legs but thought it was from the tubes, tape and unusual handling the first few days. Our pediatrician diagnosed the skin irritation as eczema.  Dry, itchy red spots that were sensitive to clothing rub, water and skincare products.  Bath time could be pretty rough for her, the water and products burned and we both cried.  I searched the shelves for anything that would help.  With little luck from Rx  and store brands, I began  researching the internet, library, book stores, and finally one day I decided I had to figure this thing out and took matters into my own hands. I began formulating!


I went to natural food stores and purchased herbs and oils.  I ordered a few things online and went to work. Soap was my first formulation and I had picked a few extracts and oils that were known to soothe and heal.  I learned quickly to keep the ingredient list clean and simple.  I still use this philosophy today and it has served us well! The Calendula Lavender Soap bar was my first successful product; that I never meant to sell. But, when a good thing happens, sometimes it just needs to be shared. Eczema is a dry skin condition, so the second product formulation was a calendula lavender body butter.  These are two of our top sellers to this day.


Plot twist... we later learned that our daughter did have eczema, and also psoriasis. The eczema is gone at age 12, but psoriasis is an auto-immune disease that she will always have to manage with clean diet and clean skin care.


Calendula has been a botanical we at Yummy Life believe in and love.  It has a beautiful story of healing properties and a little bit of magic that has made our lives a bit more comfortable and a lot more interesting.  For that we are grateful.




December 14, 2020


Maskne, or mask related acne, is caused by wearing a face mask that causes friction on your skin.  This opens up the skin barrier to allow bacteria and oil to form and cause irritation, dry skin, oily skin and at times a breakout.  Not to mention, the extra stress of the day with all new rules and procedures. Lets look at some ways we can create an environment that will help keep skin clear, looking and feeling fresh. Here are a few things the Yummy Life Naturals team of experts recommend.


Step 1: Wash yo face! Start with clean skin.  Before placing a mask on your precious face cleanse, exfoliate, spritz with a toning mist and finish with a fragrance free moisturizer. This is  a barrier for keeping bacteria from forming and steps that should also be followed on non-masking days.


Step 2: Little to no foundation makeup is best for mask wearing.  We see those gorgeous eyes, so go ahead and make them pop with a bit of mascara, but leave the foundation wearing for no mask days.


Step 3: The Mask! So many choices these days.  A disposable mask that could be replaced a few times a day would be great, but not our first choice for several reasons.  Waste, we hate waste! While it would be great for optimal sanitation and keeping germs away, using 3 masks a day is a lot of landfill waste, so our second recommendation is a pack of soft washable masks with washable replacement filters. Wash before re-wearing.  Choose a fresh, clean mask each day for optimal healthy non-maskne skin.


Step 4: At the end of the day cleanse face, and twice a week use a clay mud mask to (deep clean pores) remove dirt and bacteria to the next level then tone and moisturize.  We also recommend a warm herbal facial steam or just place a warm wash cloth over clean skin for 10 minutes to loosen grime, always rinse face well after steam. Once finished use moisturizer to seal the barrier and hydrate skin.


Step 5: Drink water with lemon in the am, lots of PH correct water through the day and get a good nights sleep.  Resting well helps us heal not only traumas to our skin but helps our mind re-set. Our skin needs a good peaceful sleep to regenerate.


If you have any questions please jump into our Facebook or Instagram DM's. We would love to connect and help with any issues or questions regarding wearing face masks or skincare!





December 07, 2020


Something has been on my mind lately.  Being on a few social media platforms with Mom groups and lots of Moms asking a bevy of questions daily.  I absorb the information and often the conversations resonate with me.  One topic that had me on the edge of my keyboard was age spots. How does one properly manage the spots that may or may not be showing up at any age.


As a child in North East Texas in the 1970s, we played outside.  I spent half of my childhood wandering around in the back pastures, standing next to a pond fishing or swimming and sunning at the lake. I can not remember ever wearing sunscreen, a hat, not even a ponytail. As, I got older and started having regular dermatologist skin checks: I remember one dermatologist visit vividly.  I visited a new dermatologist as we had just moved to Oklahoma City and the veteran Dr. calmly touched my hands, looked them over and said kindly, "You, my dear, will never have skin cancer."  I was shocked, and happy to hear this, but wondered how he could say such a thing.  He said my type of skin (olive tone) rarely if ever develops skin cancer.  He held out his arms and said now my skin very well could.  Well, I still get checked regularly, (not that I don't trust the doc), but my dear Uncle did develop skin cancer and I think maybe the kind Dr was just trying to ease my obvious fears. After years of tanning beds, sunburns and not much sunscreen I started to see some small brown spots on my hands and chest.


Enter IPL... I had my first photo facial, then round 2 then 3.  This procedure pulled some small sun spots on my face. IPL will pull the spots to the surface then a laser is used to remove. I am not into the constant need for machines and medicine, I am drawn to a homeopathic and natural approach if possible and much prefer one thing repeatedly and that is pure Shea Butter. IKR!!!  You see; I formulate a lot of natural products.  Sometimes, the ingredients in my formulations may be left in a beaker or on a spatula. One ingredient that I will not wash away is Shea Butter. I will remove my gloves and massage it into my cuticles and all over my hands. Sometimes, rolling up my pant leg to moisturize the little dry spot on my ankle.  For that reason I created a face cream and body butter with a huge dose of Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter.  I can report the areas that I have used straight (neet) shea butter the spots have disappeared. I still have some work to do, but hey!  While I can not promise these results for every skin type; I can tell you that my personal clinical trial has been amazing.  No more laser or invasive procedure, just simple, Shea.  My motto has long been, "simple ingredients are key".  Shea Butter is a champion on my short list! Now go put on a hat, wear sunscreen and make sure to have regular, dermatologist skin cancer screenings!




photo credit: baraka shea butter



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